How much is a tattoo at Seas the Day?

At Seas the Day Tattoo & Piercing we want to not only give you the best service possible but also the best tattoo. Tattooing takes time and is a process. Our artists behind the scenes work of drawing and planning your tattoo is what seperates a well thought out tattoo and a tattoo that was pulled from an internet search. 
We also offer top of the line equipment and dont skimp on the extra stuff because we know that paying a little extra makes a huge difference. With that being said our artists charge a fair price while still offering you everything that they can.

Consultations are always free. You are always welcome to talk to an artist free of charge about your idea before making any big decisions. 

If you do decide you would like to go ahead and set something up with your artist your artist will asses the amount of drawing time needed and will either charge you a deposit/and or drawing fee before starting any drawing or scheduling any appointments. No exceptions.
See our deposit policy. 

For most tattoos a seperate drawing fee will not be neccesary but for large scale projects that require extensive drawing time your artist may charge you for time that they spend drawing. This is at the artists discretion and is generally charged at $40/hour.

Our artists will charge one of two ways. For tattoos that are done all in one day the artist will charge by the piece. Charging by the piece is a set price on a tattoo no matter how long the tattoo will take although it is based on the artists hourly rate. For large tattoos that will take multiple sessions the artist will charge you either bu the session and offer a flat rate per session or will charge strictly by the hour.

We do not price tattoos over the phone. To get a set price on a tattoo please visit us at the shop or you can schedule a consultation with one of our artists. If you are not in our immediate area please contact us for an online consultation. 

Our shop minimum is $55
Our hourly rates start at $150/hour
Deposit minimum $50

Do you guys offer specials?
Yes we do.  We participate in friday the 13th, Military Mondays, and Military/First responder Discounts.
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